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Latest Project: Stylr iPhone Application Design

Discover fashion around you

Stylr displays a catalog of local fashion inventory on your mobile phone in a searchable and navigable interface; helping you to seamlessly find the clothing you want.

MovieLaLa Application Design

Discover upcoming movies through friends and favorite stars.

MovieLaLa is a marketing platform to help movie marketers increase the buzz, awareness and engagement of upcoming movies to ensure strong first week sales.

Who we are

Launch Station is a Full Service advertising agency that focuses on driving targeted high converting leads to our clients from desktop, tablet, and mobile apps. We work with direct websites, publishers, and vertical mobile app to drive calls and form fills. Calls are further down the sales tunnel and lead straight to sales, and appointments.

What we do


  • Get paid to drive quality calls to advertiser call centers.
  • Earn commissions for driving more qualified leads and sales.
  • Promote a variety of products and services, both online and offline!

How we ensure your success:

  • We provide ongoing assistance and the tools you need to ensure lead generation success.
  • We continue to build relationships to grow our campaign selections, so you’ll always have a wide variety of high-converting offers to choose from.
  • We provide real-time reporting so you can easily track your results.
  • We’ve created a huge selection of comprehensive training videos to help you get running fast.
  • And we offer a dedicated manager who cares about your success, communicates with you in a timely manner, and has the experience you need to help increase your ROI!

PHQ-9 DTest

The Depression Test is a powerful tool to diagnose depression and monitor treatment response.

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